Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Promo Violet and Leopard Grey Circle Lens Review (Klenspop.com)

Hello loves! I'm back with another circle lens review! This time I am reviewing 2 pairs of circle lenses that were sent to me by Klenspop.com! Once again, they were very helpful and kind. Thankfully, this time there was no problem with the address and shipping so I was able to receive the lenses quickly and safely.

It arrived in a similar box as the one before.

The items inside were wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure that nothing would break.

I decided to try something besides brown and black, so I went for purple and gray.

Here are the lenses!

Promo Violet

I have pretty dark eyes, so the purple wasn't very vibrant on me but it still did give my eyes a dark purple tint.

The enlargement effect was very little, so these lenses actually looked pretty natural on me.

With Lenses                                                                              Without Lenses

Overall, I like them. They add a slight definition to my eyes and despite the crazy color, they show up pretty naturally on me and I could wear them without makeup. They are pretty comfortable but i still think my Corona II lenses are more comfortable.


  • Pretty comfortable (could probably wear them for at least 3-4 hours without feeling too dry)
  • Once again, AFFORDABLE! $13 USD
  • Comes in different colors besides violet
  • natural enlargement
  • If you have dark brown eyes and you want something vibrant/something that pops, this lens won't really do that for you
  • not much enlargement or dolly effect

On to the Polytouch Leopard Gray lenses!

With Lenses                                                                      Without Lenses

Soooo....I really really like these lenses! First off, the design on the lens is pretty fun and the gray isn't super vibrant or crazy looking but it still lightens my eye color. It is very comfortable (probably as comfortable as my Corona II lenses). And I just love how they look!

  • Very comfortable and not drying
  • Affordable!!! $15USD
  • The gray actually shows up on my dark brown eyes
  • Natural yet still kind of dolly
  • Only comes in Gray and Brown
  • The color is still kind of subtle so if you want something bright, this won't do much
If I had to pick my favorite lens out of the two mentioned in this review, I would have to say the Polytouch Leopard Gary lenses are by far my favorite!

If you are interested in circle lenses/ want to try something new, visit Klenspop.
If you are interested in the Promo Violet Lenses: Click here!
If you are interested in the Polytouch Leopard Gray Lenses: Click here!

Thank you lovlies! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! xoxo- Nicki

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